A city walk. A bus ride. A roma-party.

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Where is the best place to sleep? Where is the best place to beg? Where is the best place to collect bottles? At which angle is it better to sit, so you do not lean on the windows of angry shop owners? And where are the police less active?.

 ROMA shows the hidden Copenhagen of the romas, and Gina is our guide. Gina is an expert. She is from Romania herself and for years she has been begging in front of Coop in order to be able to send money home to her three children. She learned English in prison by watching American TV-shows nonstop, until she was released because of lack of evidence.

Georgi is a roma-musician from Romania. What he has experienced is that the Danish people love the music and the dancing, but that they are not fond of the people behind it. A YouGov-Survey from the previous year shows that 72% of the Danish population have a negative view on romas.

Georgi takes us along with him in a roadmovie through Europe, along the German highways and all the way to the villages where the beggars and bottle collectors come from.

Gina, Georgi and other romas in transit invite us to a roma-party filled with music and dancing.

They invite us to learn more about our prejudices towards them, and their prejudices towards us, and to hear about the 1000-year old history of the romas in Europe.

Roma is a city walk. A bus ride. A roma-party.


Participants: Gina, Georgi and other Romanian romas in transit.

ROMA is a walking performance by Paradox Intertainment and Sort/Hvid

Fotos og video: Søren Meisner

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